Waxing. Epilation with wax is one of the traditional ways to get rid off of excess vegetation on the body for the long time. Even in ancient times beautiful queens got rid of hair with the help of hot wax.
Epilation with wax is the most effective method of removal excess hairs, which affects the entire hair,  including follicle. Tearing out the hair with the root, it takes a long time to restore the root. Naturally all this time the woman forgets about vegetation and enjoys velvety smooth skin.

Body waxing provides weeks of smooth, healthy skin, with each waxing, hair grows back less and less.



Eyebrow waxing

Eyebrows are your most important feature, providing a frame for your face. Eyebrow shaping can do more to improve your look and It’ll increase your confidence by providing

  1. a more youthful look using arches to lift and open eyes.
  2. a balancing of the face by softening or accentuating features.
  3. a framing for the eyes which draws attention to them.
  4. a more refined overall facial apperance.


Face Waxing

Lip, chin or full facial waxing create a clean and defined look. All types and color of hair are removed quickly and efficiently. Many clients enjoy the smooth and flawless application of makeup in the weeks.


Arms waxing

Arms waxing

Impression of the appearance of a woman is made up of many small things. Well-groomed and tidy women’s hands – this is not only a manicure, but a complete lack of hair on the skin. Perfect smooth arms without a single hair is the standard of perfection, and there are many ways to achieve it.
Among them, the most effective and safe is arms waxing. Arms and underarms waxing is a fast and effective way to get the smooth skin you want. You can stay hair free between 2-4weeks.


Underarms waxing

The beauty and perfection of such a gentle zone of the body, like the underarms, women must watch constantly and at any time of the year.
Why waxing of the underarms you should trust only to the specialists?

  • The skin in the underarms is extremely tender and vulnerable, besides there are a lot of sweat and sebaceous glands, lymph nodes. Therefore, there is a considerable risk of experiencing significant pain while performing the procedure at home, and also get injuries, burns or even suppurative inflammations instead of beautiful and smooth skin.
  • Provide the service of the underarms recommend only by a professional experienced specialist with the use of the highest quality cosmetic and antiseptic products.


Legs waxing

Legs waxing.

How to stay always beautiful? This is the main question for women of any age. Ideal skin is one of the necessary conditions for perfection. Legs waxing refers to the safest and most effective ways to achieve smooth and velvety skin on the legs.
Smooth legs is one of the parameters of the modern look at fashion and beauty. There are many ways for perfection, but the simplest and most reliable choice is to visit the esthetician office.
Using a razor or pulling out hairs with tweezers – the last century, that way is unreliable in a fashion. Legs wax will save you from worries for almost the month. The wax mass covers the hair to the root and removes it without breaking the hair. Save your personal time, remove hair without harm to your body.

Price List on Waxing services

Arms waxing (Full)  $35.00        Arms waxing (half) $25.00

Underarms waxing  $15.00

Legs waxing (Full)  $55.00         Legs waxing (lower) $32.00

Eyebrow waxing  $13.00

Face wax (Full)  $40