How long does eyelash extensions takes?
How long does eyelash extensions takes?

Many clients are surprised when they learn that the procedure of classical Eyelash extensions is 1.5-2.5 hours for an expert specialist! Beware! – at a time when some salons or studios offer you seemingly the same services, but performed in 1 hour, and sometimes even in 40 minutes!
When correctly applying lashes one by one, QUICKLY and QUALITY are incompatible!


Technology of eyelash extensions is not fully observed;
At best, you have 40 eyelashes per eye (while on average one eye has 100-120 lashes);
In the worst case, accelerated, sloppy work leads to disastrous consequences for your own eyelashes.

Technology is fully met;
Natural lashes do not suffer;
You get the beautiful lashes models wear on advertising covers. When your getting a professional classic eyelash extension, for example, only one syntetic lash applyed on one natural lash.

How to check quality of work?

Raise lashes up, standing in front of the mirror. If the extensions are done correctly, all eyelashes will rise. If some of the eyelashes have fallen then eyelash application is not complete and won’t look natural.
Many years of experience as a specialists in eyelash extensions give the ability to determine lash labor. The average time required for the procedure of classical extensions is 2 hours.  2 hours – for a qualified, experienced master-lash spesialist! But the work will be done carefully, painstakingly, neatly and correctly.

So it’s better to use quality for a good result. You get what you pay for and you only have one face.  So don’t let price scare you!

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