Darsonvalization facial treatment
Darsonvalization facial treatment

The use of electrotherapy to improve skin indicators and prevent age-related skin changes have been known in cosmetology for a long time. Many procedures based on the current of low power and pulses of high frequency are highly effective and firmly take their place in skin care treatment. One of these methods is D’Arsonval. The method is named after the French physiologist Arsene D’Arsonval.

Darsonvalization is a physiotherapeutic method that acts superficially on tissues, mucous membranes and subcutaneous fat tissue with high-frequency electric pulses. During darsonvalization, the current is passed through a glass vacuum tube with a sealed inert gas, which is moved along the surface of the skin. Under the influence of electrical pulses of high frequency, blood vessels expand, blood circulation is activated, and tissue nutrition improves.

Benefits of High Frequency (Darsonvalization therapy)

  • improves metabolic processes in tissues;

  • improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage;

  • stimulates the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid;

  • accelerated regeneration and renewal of the skin;

  • lifting of soft tissue and face oval;

  • lncreases the elasticity of the skin due to the restoration of water balance;

  • the work of the sebaceous glands improves.


Darsonvalization of the skin is recommended for

  • Acne treatment;

  • Treatment of dermatitis and inflammatory processes on the skin;

  • Resorption of painful infiltrates with subcutaneous pimples;

  • Treatment of postural scars;

  • With dry, dehydrated, saggy skin with symptoms of age-related fading;

  • After mechanical cleaning of the face;

  • To improve skin tone;

  • To reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.

High-frequency currents irritate the nerve fibers of the skin and activate blood circulation and cell nutrition. Increases in the tone of the veins, reduces the load on the sweat glands. Leukocytes begin to intensively absorb the pathogenic microflora, eliminating inflammation. Under the action of ions, bacteria on the skin die. You will feel its effect after one procedure, but to achieve a lasting effect it is recommended to do a series of treatments tailored for the desired effect.

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