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~ Eyebrow Microblading / Eyebrow Eboidery ~

Eyebrows – one of the dominant features of the face: their shape defines the expression of the eyes, that spectacular, attractive look … So it is important to highlight beautiful eyebrows and emphasize all their dignity, and  completely hide anyflaws. The revolutionary tecnique Microblading is what your eyebrows need.

~ Eyelash Extensions ~

Eyelash Extension. Eyes are the windows to the soul and lashes are the perfect pair of curtains.
You never think about how the lashes of advertising models actually became long, thick, and full…not with the help of mascara tinting, but with different procedures like Eyelash Extensions.

~ Rejuvenation Dermaplaning Facial ~

Rejuvenation Facial. If your looking for painless, all-natural treatment to give your skin a smooth, supple and rejuvenated look, then dermaplaning is for you.
Dermaplaning a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).

~ HydraFacial ~

HydraFacial. Experience a new level of skin cleansing, exfoliation, hydration and vitality! HydraFacial is a new generation of skin resurfacing treatment. HydraFacial is a powerful skin softening, pore minimizing, age erasing treatment.

~ Microdermabrasion Facial ~

Restore and Firm MicroDerm Facial. Microdermabrasion, or micro skin polishing is one of the most popular procedure for cleansing and rejuvenating the skin. Beauty salons, sometimes argue about the effectiveness of microdermabrasion being quite capable of competing with more expensive and aggressive procedures such as medical grade chemical peel or Botox injections.

Sensitive skin facial
~ Sensitive Skin Calming Facial ~

Sensitive Skin Calming Facial. Agentle and soothing facial is perfect if you have Rosacea, sensitive or reactive skin.

The intense rhythm of life, unbalanced diet and constant stresses effect the health of our skin in the worst way. As a result of these adverse factors, the sensitivity of the skin increases and as a consequences, it become dry, flaky and early wrinkles appear on it.

Acne Facial Treatment
~ Acne Facial Treatment ~

Acne Facial Treatment. Heal and activate the healthy, even glow in your skin with an acne facial. Acne Facial will give you a balance of exfoliation and nutrients to help you obtain clear, vibrant skin. Acne treatment require a designated regimen, and esthetician will design an appropriate acne program just for you.

~ LiftUp PowerDerm Facial ~

LiftUp facial. Treat your skin to this luxury facial treatment. PowerDerm Kinetic Dermabrasion surgery free face lift. Lympthatic Drainage Massage is an industry leader in the most Advanced Patented Resurfacing Technology.
PowerDerm Dermabrasion works by impressing a dense crystalline compound upon the skin upon the skin with `kinetic force` with this, we achieve dramatic facial resurfacing, remodeling, and lifting that cannot be reproduced with any medical or other Resurfacing tool, or collagen injection fillers.

~ EpiWave Ultrasonic Facial ~

Radiant Ultrasonic Facial. Looking for treatment that will help your skin return to its more youthful, glowing past?
Ultrasonic Facial (pelling) is an extremely gentle procedure that allows deep cleansing of the skin. Ultrasonic Facial uses electrical current vibrations at 28,000 vibration per second on the skin surface.

European Classic Facial
~ European Spa Signature Facial ~

European Spa Facial. If you looking for healthy skin and a refreshed look and feel, get the (Signature) European Facial. This is introductory Facial, mean to improve the look, feel and health of the skin.
European Spa Facial is the most relaxing spa facial.