Rejuvenation Dermaplaning Facial

Rejuvenation Dermaplaning Facial

If your looking for painless, all-natural treatment to give your skin a smooth, supple and rejuvenated look, then rejuvenation dermaplaning facial  is for you.

Dermaplaning  a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning facial is a procedure that quickly gained popularity among medical treatment providers across the country.

What is a Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a manual skin resurfacing procedure that use a special surgical scalpel blade to remove the top layer of dead skin cells. Dermaplaning is performed on the entire face, also known as Epidermal leveling that rejuvenate sun damaged, dull, dehydrated skin.

Dermaplaning Facial

Dermaplaning will include a facial deep cleansing, dermaplaning treatment and hydrating masque for the face. This service will exfoliate deeper than microdermabrasion, which will allow all your skin care products to penetrate more deeply and work to it`s full potenial.

Dermaplaning benefits.

  • Reduces visible signs of aging.
  • Helps with acne.

Dermaplaning reduces the thickness of the top layer of the skin which helps correct dull complexion and acne. Removing layer of dead skin cells makes it easier for topical products – like acne creams – to penetrate your skin.

  • Immediately evens your skin.

Dermaplaning helps even out the texture of your skin. The process is beneficial for hyper pigmentation.

  • Eliminate dirt and oil buld up.
  • It gets Rid of body hair.

Dermaplaning also gets rid of the vellus hair (also known as `baby hair` or `peach fuzz`) on the surface of your face.

  • Immediate
  • Increase cell turnover for healthier more glowing skin.
  • Prepare skin for further rejuvenating procedures and products.

Although one of the most common misconceptions about dermaplaning is that many patiens are often concerned that the hair will grow back heavier and dark after Dermaplaning. This is untrue. As long as the hair is superficial vellus hair, it will grow back at same rare and texture as before treatment.

Can Dermaplaning combined with other procedures?

Yes, combining Dermaplaning with chemical peels and other facial procedures can enhance these treatment giving you a more long-lasting effect.

How often should this treatment be performed?

Recommend scheduling next Dermaplaning appointment within 3-4 weeks, so the skin can complete its normal rejuvenation cycle.

Rejuvenating Facial (Dermaplaning) $70

Rejuvenating Facial (Dermaplaning) w/ chemical peel $90

Rejuvenating Facial (Dermaplaning) w/ microdermabrasion $110