Eyebrow Microblading / Eyebrow Eboidery

Eyebrow Microblading  / Eyebrow Eboidery

Eyebrows – one of the dominant features of the face: their shape defines the expression of the eyes, that spectacular, attractive look … So it is important to highlight beautiful eyebrows and emphasize all their dignity, and  completely hide anyflaws. The revolutionary tecnique Microblading is what your eyebrows need.

Microblading- also known as Eyebrow Eboidery unlike to the traditional eyebrow tattooing. Microblading Eyebrows have minimal pain, more like sensations and most importantly, allows you to manual adjust the eyebrow line – each hair is carefully etched for an ideal imitation of the natural hair.


Microblading Brows Help

  • Create full and beautifully outlined eyebrows
  • Underlines natural curves while adding color
  • Perfect existing shape or customize the desired shape to the eyebrows
  • Solve the problem of thin or asymmetrical eyebrows


The Microblading the eyebrows is performed with a very thin blade, which helps the pigment get introduced into the epidermis. The coloring agent is located closer to the surface of the skin (compare with the standard machine for tattoo art), very crisp, delicate strokes appear, therefore no “smears” or blurriness under the skin.

When creating the eyebrow line, the esthetician takes on multiple factors: the shape of the face, the brow color type and the direction of the eyebrow hair growth.


The biggest benfits of Microblading is the minimal traumatic effect on the epidermis and a very natural look. Semi-permanat aesthetic effects persist for two to three years and depends on the type of the skin and post-procedural and daily care.

Women, based on their preferences, determine the need for a coarse correction. If you aspires to always maintain an ideal and crisp line of eyebrows, then it is advisable to do touch up every 12 to 16 months.


Consultation Fee –$25 (applied to services rendered)

Eyebrow Microblading $299 (two follow up including)