Eyelash Extensions

*Eyes are the windows to the soul and lashes are the perfect pair of curtains.

Eyelash extensions are now the hottest enhancing beauty service available. You never think about how the lashes of advertising models actually became long, thick, and full…not with the help of mascara tinting, but with different procedures like Eyelash Extensions. Fortunately, in our time, having beautiful eyelashes is not only the destiny of the elite.

Do you have short eyelashes? Do you want to have longer and thicker lashes? Dream of the charming look? Then this revolutionary new procedure of individual lash extensions is what you need. Fluffy  long eyelashes any occasion, for the pride of every woman. Modern technologies of lash extensions allow not only to increase the volume and length of natural lashes, but also to visually change the shape of the eyes, from cat eyes to the baby doll eyes.

eyelash extensions

Advantages of Eyelash Extensions.

Eyelash extensions is both beautiful and practical. After all, super-fashionable and super-modern mascara will not give you a luscious look if you have rare and short eyelashes. Now you don’t have to spend half an hour at the mirror to create the volume or length of lashes with the help of cosmetics. Lash extension looks are expressive and irresistible.

Eyelash extension does not require additional waving, as eyelashes for the extensions themselves are slightly curled. The length of eyelashes is determined individually, at the request of the client. In this procedure you can choose not only the length of the eyelashes from 6 to 15mm, but also the effect that you will see at the end of the procedure.

Eyelash extensions bonita spring

The advantage of individual lash extensions are obvious, because in just 2 hours you get thick, long, fluffy eyelashes. Eyelash extensions will last weeks, and even months with regular fills (recommended every 2-3 weeks).

Eyelash extensions allow you to keep any lifestyle-you can sleep, swim, bathe, go to the sauna, gym without fear that mascara will flow. Tatiana Aesthetic Solutions offers high quality eyelash extensions, and make lash extensions right for the individual shape of eyes and features of the face. Eyelash extensions provide an all day expressive look. In the morning, in the afternoon and at night you can have a spectacular, mysterious look that accompanies you wherever you are.


Eyelash Extensions Full set  $150.

Eyelash Extensions Refill $55-75

*only 40% less of lashes or full set required.

Lash Extensions Removal $30

*under 50% lashes only $20